7 Days of Color Challenge

This story only appears in English. 

By Lea Espinal


A while ago, as my friend and I usually do, we ended up discussing the minutiae of the most random of topics, in this case, the concept of “favorites.” He doesn’t do favorites, and doesn’t see the point of things such as a  “favorite color” (black), “favorite movie” (Casablanca), or “favorite song” (Bohemian Rhapsody). I think it’s easy to see where I stand.

To me, the concept of “favorites” is simple. It’s something that comes naturally, that you don’t even have to think about, and that you feel good about and comfortable with, which is exactly how I feel about black anything when it comes to fashion. Counterintuitive, I know, black is my happy color. When I wear black, I feel cheerful, confident, more creative, and put simply, more like myself. I even find it funny how I actually have to make an effort to purchase colorful items, or even to wear the ones I already own.

On the other hand, there’s also that thing about black allowing you to blend in, which is great if you want to lay low, but that’s not the kind of person I am. My bright red mane has become my signature, I’m not afraid to match stripes with more stripes like my momma told me not to, and with accessories, the bigger and bolder (and weirder) the better. In the case of actual clothes though, I just don’t like how colors immediately call so much attention to themselves. I’m a bigger fan the “take a second look” look, where it’s all about the details. That is is why, a few months ago, inspired by the phenomenal Man Repeller, and because I’m truly committed to Hola, Rita, I decided to challenge myself to a week of color.

What I thought I would get out of this? I’m not sure. Maybe I thought I’d learn something about myself, but let’s just say it was interesting to be a walking rainbow for a week (or at least feeling like one).

Stay tuned to find out how it went!

Lea is a psychology graduate living in Santiago, Dominican Republic. She's an avid reader and Harry Potter fan, interested in organizational development, tech, in the arts. She serves as an editor for Hola, Rita. and every now and then shares her stories from the island. / Lea está de graduada en psicología y vive en Santiago, República Dominicana. Es una ávida lectora, y fanática de Harry Potter, interesada en el desarrollo organizacional, la tecnología y las artes. Lea sirve como editora para Hola, Rita. y de vez en cuando comparte sus historias desde la isla.