7 Days of Color Challenge Results

(This story only appears in English)

By Lea Espinal

Photo by  Naomi Koelemans  

Photo by Naomi Koelemans 

So here we are! These are the results of my 7 days of color challenge, which I wrote about here. The rules were simple: Wear color every day for a week. No black allowed except for accessories.

I must note that, after giving it some thought, and since it’s not like I enjoy doing these things to myself, I included a “cheat-piece” in the challenge, to be worn whenever my creative juices ran out.  

Swipe through the images or continue below to find out how it all turned out.


Day one: Yellow shirt and ripped jeans

Since I make my own rules, I decided to kick off the challenge on a Tuesday. I started off easy with ripped jeans I don’t wear too often and a yellow top. No one directly commented on it, but my mom sure stared at me for a while. I think she sensed something was up.


Day two: Green Zara top and white pants

With this Caribbean heat, I’m not a fan of wearing jeans all the time, and with this challenge I’ve realized basically all of my bottoms are black. #Fail. I went for these white pants to try to spice it up, but they fit awkwardly and, since I usually wear them with tight black tops, it was super hard to find a colored shirt to match. At least I had a busy day, so I didn’t have much time to think of how much I felt like a doña. Also, accessories can be a lifesaver.


Day three: White shirt and summer dress

By day three I had to get a little creative. I layered a white shirt under a summery dress, a combination I had never tried before. This was my favorite outfit up to this point, and I got lots of compliments at work. I mentioned the challenge at the office for the first time and a friend (rightly) commented: “No black for a week? It must be killin’ you!”


Day four: ripped jeans, zara earrings

Usually, I would’ve gone for a total-black outfit and let these gorgeous earrings do their thing, so I struggled to put together a more colorful outfit around them. I don’t feel so great about the ill-fitting top, but the earrings and buns? Fantastic.

Only three more days to go...


Day five: shorts and pink blouse

This outfit is exceptional not only because there’s not one black piece, but because I’m wearing the one and only pink item I own. I actually got many compliments on this top, and was told that the light color highlights my red hair even more, which was a very nice side-effect. At night, for a night of Cards Against Humanity, I wore white and gray pajama pants and a dressy white top, not pictured here. My friends said I looked “angelical”, “decent” and “sweet”. They seemed so surprised I don’t know what to think.


Day six: yellow top and greenish blazer.

For my friend’s birthday I knew I’d want to wear something nice, and the weather was cool enough for a jacket, which was actually a plus. For this occasion I went bold and mixed this bright green (or is it blue?) blazer with a yellow blouse.


Day seven: white top, blue necklace, beanie.

Finally! A few more hours and I’m free. I feel like all of this color has drained me, so I took it easy with a boxy white top, statement necklace, and a gray beanie. But hey, I made it. Yay!


Final thoughts

Without black items as an option, I had to come up with new combinations for old pieces that I hadn’t thought about before, which was a great boost for my creativity. Although, the best part of the challenge were people’s reactions, which were consistently entertaining. Was it fun? You could say that. Would I do it again? I don’t think so.

But hey, it was a great excuse wear all-black for the rest of the month.