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15 Expresiones de la Jerga Gastronómica Dominicana

Porque una cosa es hablar español y otra cosa es hablar dominicano.

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A Celebration of Mujeres: A Playlist

Al ritmo de la isla.

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Open Call: What Does Being a Dominican Woman Mean to You?
El Chisme: January 2018

Un poquito de chisme para el alma. 

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Mabel from No Needs to Cheat on Flexible Dieting and Finding Her Identity as a Coach

Meet the Dominican woman behind No Needs To Cheat. 

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Eileen Nuñez on Creating with Intention, Self Love and Fashion

Meet the courageous woman behind Mujeres Wear Pants, a monthly visual story book for and by women of color that uses fashion and art to tell OUR stories.

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Disclosure: Writing for Understanding

"I’m the lucky one because I made it out."

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Lía Sang on Moving Back Home, Visual Arts and Craving Social Change

Irse pa' volver no es fácil, pero todo depende de cómo lo veas. 

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