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Into The Future of Education: How One Center in DR is Integrating Technology

The Cincinnatus Institute of Craftmanship is empowering Dominican youth with technology.

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Naturalis Te in Santiago, DR

A healthy and much-loved place we like in Santiago, DR!

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Mabel from No Needs to Cheat on Flexible Dieting and Finding Her Identity as a Coach

Meet the Dominican woman behind No Needs To Cheat. 

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Places We Like: Fresh Burger in Santiago, DR

On this first edition of 'Places We Like' we are taking you to Fresh Burger in Santiago, DR.

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Parallel Lives

Important decisions - like choosing a career or a partner in life - define so much of our stories, but what happens when you can see both the life your are in, and the one on the other side of that big decision?

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Color Everywhere: A Photo Collection of Art Around Santiago

Something really cool has been popping up in many murals in Santiago, DR. 

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La Piña Ta' Dulce, Santiago

Un concepto nuevo en Santiago, RD.

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Dalí: Ilustrando Genios
Sunday Breeze